A community of artistic individuals who reject the mores of conventional society. The word beatnik is no longer a word that’s used in the late 50’s but its becoming a word in the 20th century used to describe these bohemian young individuals life styles. Expect enormous things from these extraordinary beatniks.

New Track on SoundCloud titled “DUDE”
NYC Public Transit
Finally, heres the visual for my New Track titled “DUDE” Produced by Blended Babies which i’m dropping on Tuesday August 19th at 7pm. I know you guys will love it. #wearebeatniks #DUDE
Im me, No apologies.
Breaking Boundaries.
Judge me, I can take it.
Shades Central Park.
All White Sk8 Hi High Top Vans.
Zara Demin Jeans 
Thrifted Plaid Shirt.